Some of the most beautiful work of this craftsman, and many others, are in this book “Liège Gunmakers through their Work. 1800 - 1950”.

For more detail see: LIEGE GUNMAKERS

Anssen J. (maybe !)

That’s a nice piece!

In my humble opinion, it is completely made in Liège, the armourer H. Barelli in Berlin being only the dealer!

The crowned J. A. brand does not appear in the collections of Liège brands of manufacturers of weapons or rifle cannons that I own.

I tried to identify him by taking the names of armourers of the late 19th century in Liège with the corresponding initials, namely:

Anssen J. armurier rue Ste Marguerite, 226 at Liège (1889).

Ancion Jacques & Cie (1887/1888).

Ancion J. & Fils (1873/1900).

I’m sorry I couldn’t be more specific.