Some of the most beautiful work of this craftsman, and many others, are in this book “Liège Gunmakers through their Work. 1800 - 1950”.

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Chaineux J.

Total length with blade folded: 270

blade unfolded: 405

barrel length: 145

width blade at the end of the barrel: 20

barrel has 12 shots in one row, in 9mm pinfire

Cylinder diameter: 56

The blade unfolds manually and the whole is of an exceptional rigidity. To close it, press the button on the left side of the blade with force. This one presses on a very powerful spring located on the other side, clearly visible on the pictures.


On one of the 12 hollows of the cylinder = Chaineux XXur Bté

On the thunder of the barrel, and in 2 places on the blade, fixed part and folding part, the N° in large characters =1218

On the carcass of handle hidden by the plate, left side close to the pommel, I believe to read: AC L-71

V under crown on the turn of the cylinder and on the hexagonal thunder of the barrel

ELG on star in oval on hexagonal part of the thunder

A punch on the round part of the barrel, I believe to guess a M but there are 2 small lines on both sides.



Belgian pinfire revolver caliber 9 mm, length 30 cm, by J.Chaineux Brevete

Many thanks to “BOLKANTIQUES” for the pictures.


Six shot Pinfire Peperbox

Loading through a side gate and unloading using the rod placed in the handle.

Folding trigger and fluted barrel .

The mark J.C is not specifically known to me; the Who’s Who informs us:

CHAINEUX Joseph Lambert, registered as gun manufacturer with the proof house Liege from 1864 to 1884 and living¨26 Place des Carmes, in Liege. In 1863/64, he registered two patents for a system of pistol-revolver.

CHAINEUX Joseph de Wandre, regsiters from 1858 to 1864, five patents for improvements for the breech loading pistol-revolver and a system of pistol-revolver and its improvements.

Not having seen the patents, it is of course impossible for me to be 100%. affirmative

Other JC are mentioned in the Who’s Who, but no detail comes to support our investigations.


Photos Littlegun

A French firm manufactures the necessary to reload this type of ammunition.

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The characteristic of the 1st patent (and following in 1858, 1859, 1863 and 1864 with Jontgen) of Chaineux, Jean-Jules, arquebusier from Wandre, for a pinfire revolver the cylinder of which (10 to 12 chambers, but specimens with 30 rooms also exist ) was an hollowed out (by an annular space) cylinder center with only a tube left for the cylinder pin.

It seems to be the case here.

Marking "SM" not yet identified.

We can speak of a "system Chaineux"

Chaineux is also the inventor of the double barrelled revolver with a cylinder with double row of staggered chambers on two concentric crowns of different diameter.

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