Some of the most beautiful work of this craftsman, and many others, are in this book “Liège Gunmakers through their Work. 1800 - 1950”.

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Christophe Louis

"Mechanical engineer" in Liege and Brussels

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The weapon.

The gun.

This is a 12 gauge side by side smooth bore shotgun for small game..

The lock is known as centerfire "hammerless" - Opening by top lever key.

The stock is of English type ; forearm with press stud.

The locks are engraved in English style.


They are the stampsof the Liege House of Proof , detailed as follows:

STAR/ ELG in a crowned oval: acceptance - 1893/1968.

Peron: inspection - 1853 until today.

PV surmounted by a stylized lion: test with smokeless powder - 1898/1968.

12 C in a lozenge: gauge - 1898/1924.

EL: provisional test - 1852 until today.

STAR/ AC and X: counter marks of the controllers - 1877/1968.

P1K296: weight of the barrel for smokeless powders (smooth bore guns) 1892/1924.

The gun was thus manufactured and tested between 1898 and 1924.

The manufacturer.

It is not necessarily a gun manufactured by Louis CHRISTOPHE, but perhaps sold by him after engraving his name on the weapon. It was a very current practice at the time.

Indeed mark Crown/JB on the frame would be that of the craftsman. This mark is unknown to me. It could possibly, considering the period concerned , be that of:

BERTRAND Joseph (1885/1930).

BURY Jules (1896/1947).

If a visitor can identify this mark, his input will be welcome.


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