Some of the most beautiful work of this craftsman, and many others, are in this book “Liège Gunmakers through their Work. 1800 - 1950”.

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Comblain 1888

Here is an uncommon Comblain type rifle, probably the 1888 model for forest rangers or rangers. The caliber is the 11 mm x 50 R Comblain identical to that of the Civic Guard.

Of all the control stamps, we can identify the GB in an oval, indicating that the weapon is the property of the Belgian Government.

The EGB on a star in an oval shows that the weapon has been tested according to the standards of the Belgian Government.

1889 is almost certainly the year of manufacture.

Unlike the Comblains of the Civic Guard (1870 and 1882), the bayonet is fixed by a tenon located under the barrel and not on the right side. The bayonet of the forest rangers / rangers is lighter than those of the Civic Guard.



This is a revolver with central percussion and open box! The 6-block barrel is smooth and engraved with arabesque. The trigger is curved without a trigger guard. It folds under the carcass to make it easier to put in the pocket. The barrel is round and likely rifled? He’s wearing a front sight that seems to me to be truncated? The weapon is equipped with an L-shifted lever which, when operated downwards, disassociates the barrel block from the carcass. The crestless hammer indicates that it is a single action weapon only. The grips is in grid and carved walnut!

The weapon bears the statutory marks of the Liège proofhouse, namely:

ELG* in a vertical oval: definitive acceptance in use from 1846 to 1893.

Crowned V: Controller’s countermark, in use from 1853 to 1877.

The weapon also bears the mark Comblain breveté which only partially identifies the inventor who worked between 1853 and 1877 according to the above stamp.

These could include:

Comblain Dieudonné Joseph, who filed patents between 1850 and 1853.

Comblain Hubert and Lambin who filed patents between 1868 and 1870. But they involve the famous Comblain lever-action rifle.

Comblain Hubert who filed patents between 1852 and 1860.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to get my hands on a patent for this weapon, so I am left in the dark?



Modest arms manufacturer from Cheratte (Visé - Liège).

As soon as 1867, he presented at the Belgian army tests a breech loading rifle with a breech block rising backwards. He then created a resolutely modern gun with a falling block, produced by the firm “Lambin and Co”.

In 1869, the new Comblain rifle with block falling, manufactured by house Lambin and Co was subjected to severe tests.

Finally accepted, it will be issued in 1870 to the Chasseurss and in 1871 to the civic guard. On the first models thr breech and a majority of parts were made of phosphorous bronze. Later, all the parts will be made of steel.

Comblain "Prix du gouvernement"

Many thanks to the "ROYAL ARMY MUSEUM" Bruxelles and especially the section "ARMES PORTATIVES".

(N° d'identification : V726 - Salle historique - Bijoutière 16)

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Comblain subcaliber adaptor

This is a Comblain cartridge subcaliber adaptor of 6,5 X 8,6 R.caliber.

The headstamp indicates a Belgian manufacture and more particularly in Brussels: the “A” in relief, indicates the old cartridge factories of Anderlecht.

This ammunition is intended for a dummy Comblain cartridge bored through with a hole to the same diameter as this cartridge and intended for shooting reduced loads when training of the recruits.

Manufactured since 1902.


Comblain D.J.

This is a nice pepperbox made of a beautiful Damascus steel with 4 screwed-in barrels and with the ignition area protected by an anti-spitting shield.

This firing is done by a lower firing pin actuated by a ring, like in the MARIETTE pepperbox .

This gun bears the Liege acceptance stamp used from1846 to 1893.

It is also stamped D.J. COMBLAIN BREVETE on the lower part of the grip strap.

Dieudonné Joseph COMBLAIN was a gunsmith in TREMBLEUR, near Liege.

From 1850 to 1855, he registered eight Belgian patents one of which concerning improvements for this gun i.e to the revolving system of the gun.

He also worked on a two shot gun, on improvements to a gun with several hammers and only one trigger and on a needle pistol , with several shots and only one barrel.


Comblain Dieudonné Joseph

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