Some of the most beautiful work of this craftsman, and many others, are in this book “Liège Gunmakers through their Work. 1800 - 1950”.

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Here is a hammerless revolver attributable to Dieudonné Debouxthay, perhaps in calibre 6 mm vélodog given the length of the cylinder, but it could also be 6. 35 Browning.

Folding trigger, mother-of-pearl grip plates apparently. There is a right-hand safety device (see below for the patent), and the socket ejector rod holder is not of the "usual" model. Perhaps it was also the subject of a patent.


R crowned: rifled bore, between 1894 and 1968

L and D under star: countermarks of controllers between 1877 and 1968

Lion on PV: test with the powder without smoke between 1898 and 1968.

There should be an ELG mark on a star in a crowned oval.

DD Bté: the weapon has one or more patents from Dieudonné Debouxthay.

The security right is in fact due to J. Joiris-Michel who filed patent 142 516 in May 1899. He sold it on 11 May 1899 to Dieudonné Debouxthay, who perfected it and patented it in April 1900 (149 395).

GP with the help of MAX


Revolver of pocket with central percussion of semi-hammerless type bus only an end of the hammer exceeds carcass. The rifled bore is round with front sight in half-moon. The rod is articulated to allow the extraction of the casings in each room. The cylinder is grooved and with 5 rooms of gauge 7,65.

The trigger without trigger guard folds up itself under the frame.

The stick consists of two plates out of squared wooden connected by a transverse screw and two rivet washers.


The weapon carries the punches of the proofhouse of tests of Liege, namely:

ELG on star in a crowned oval: final acceptance post 1893.

E spangled: countermark of the controller post 1877.

R crowned: rifled bore, of use of 1894 to 1968.

PV surmounted of a stylized lion: test with the powder without smoke, of use of 1898 to 1968.


DD: it is most probably about the mark of DEBOUXTHAY Dieudonné, street Saint Léonard n° 447-449 and registered with the proofhouse of tests from 1879 to 1934.

It deposited 6 patents concerning the revolvers.

8: serial number ?

VIII: marking of “equipor” approaching Roman classification.



This pocket revolver, with folding trigger without trigger guard and carrying mark DD Breveté could be a manufacture of DEBOUXTHAY Dieudonné (Proof house of Liège 1879/1934) street Saint Léonard, 449 in Liège.

He deposited six patents for safeties and rods of revolver.

The visible safety of hammer on this weapon could be one of its inventions.

The weapon carries the punch of the proof house of Liège following:

R crowned: rifled bore, of use of 1894 to 1968.

PV surmounted of a stylized lion: test with the powder without smoke, of use of 1898 to 1968;

Spangled AH: countermark of the controller, post 1877.


 I confirm. The patents of DEBOUXTAY Dieudonné concerning of safeties of revolver were deposited between 1888 and 1904.

That of the illustrated revolver seems to correspond to the model of the patent of 1900.


Debouxtay Dieudonné

Belgian bench test from 1879 to 1934.

The name of this gun is "Bijou", that's the sale name for a velodog revolver made by D.Debouxtay of Liège - Belgique, about 1908.  Just forward of the barrel, left side is the D D Oury stamp, below it "B" with a "te" raised alongside the B with a line under the te.

Debouxtay Dieudonné

Revolver with safety, 7 shots, calibre 8 mm, central fire, bronzed black, sometimes octagonal gun (bases and under the handlebar) sometimes round a length of 85 mm.

Dieudonné (sometimes spelled Dieu Donné) DEBOUXTAY, manufacturer of weapons in Liege, Rue Saint-Léonard, 449, deposited several improvement and patents concerning safeties of revolvers between April 28, 1888 and July 25, 1904.

It also repurchased and improved the patents of other inventors (JOIRIS-MICHEL Jean, workman-arms manufacturer, of Wandre and MARECHAL-VERVIER Michel, arms manufacturer, of Sabaré-Cheratte).

The weapon presented results obviously from the patents n° 119456 (invention) of 31 January 1896 and n° 125054 (improvement) of October 15 1896 delivered with Mr Michel MARECHAL. The transfer of the rights to D.D. DEBOUXTAY was acted by Eugene VANDENBERG, Notaire in Liege, December 14, 1896.

Those were the subject of a patent of improvement, n° 149394 delivered on April 29, 1900, deposited by Dieudonné DEBOUXTAY on April 14, 1900 (see appendix).

Marks: Punches ELG on star in a crowned oval and letter A under star of controller to the back of the barrel, letter A under star and large R crowned (rifled bore) bases right gun. Curiously one also notes the presence of a L crowned anachronistic with the back of the barrel.

Base left barrel DD Bté.

My thanks to MD and GG, for their effective and essential assistance.