Some of the most beautiful work of this craftsman, and many others, are in this book “Liège Gunmakers through their Work. 1800 - 1950”.

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"In 1790, Deganhy fils of Malines (little town in Belgium) signs a contract for the supply of 5. 000 infantry rifles (Austrian 14 gauge) and 2. 000 pairs of cavalry pistols."

Maybe these pistols are part of that order?


DEGANHY, Joseph Beaudouin was born in Liege on an unspecified date which one can locate at the neighborhoods of 1722 since it married the 24.10.1742 in the church Saint Martin in Island in Liege with one named DELPEREE Constance.

July 29, 1742, the wife gives the day to a small Philippine-Anne who will marry later to NAMUR with named Charles Nicolas DETHUIN who will assist his father-in-law in his business.

After this birth, the young couple will leave with NAMUR where will be born still 4 children:

Jeanne-Marguerite born 03.10.1745.

Joseph-Baudouin born the 05.08.1747 It occupied himself with his father since 1769, of the manufacture of weapons. After the death of this last in 1772, it continues the businesses to the surroundings of 1791.

Emmanuel-Joseph born 04.03.1750

Hubert-Joseph, born 08.04.1753.

In 1752, DEGANHY is allowed with the middle-class of Namur and launches out in the manufacture of weapons. In 1767, it takes with lease the mill of HEUVY (Namur) to intensify the production of guns of rifles.

In 1765, it signs a contract with Jean Antoine MALHERBE to GOFFONTAINE (Liege). This last was committed providing monthly to Mr. Joseph-Baudouin of GANHY, Master of the manufactory of firearms with the body of artillery of the Netherlands to the service of Its Royal and Apostolic Majesty, 300 barrels of rifles of ammunition round, in conformity with the gauge given to him, length 3 feet and 10 inches of Nuremberg

A report gone back to "Malines" the 20.101772 and signed B.DEGANHY (son) made condition of a delivery of 10.843 complete rifles of infantry for which it was necessary still to add 12.000 locks of cuirassiers, 8.000 locks of hussars and 17.732 pairs of locks for pistols. It was to also make pass in customs 8.525 barrels of infantry, 5.783 locks of infantry, 10.843 bayonets, 8.343 rods, 31.600 brassadelles, 6.700 trigger guards, 7.200 plates of stock, 7.200 esses, 8.843 crews forged, 8.843 packing extractor, 7.243 springs of bayonets and 10.000 trimmings of sleeves of bayonets.

This list shows with sufficiency the intense activity of Manufacture of MALINES.

In 1790, DEGANHY son of MALINES signs a contract for the supply of 5.000 rifles of infantry (gauge 14 Austrian) and of 2.000 pairs of pistols of cavalry.

In 1791 DEGANHY son at the time of the revolution brabançonne is one of the suppliers of the army of the Belgian States to which it provides in particular 700 rifles for the troops.