Auguste Francotte

Swiss cantonal militia rifled musket M.1842/59 for artillery and engineering troops ("Sappeur-, Pontonier- und Parkartilleriegewhr Modell 1842").

This variant of M.1842/59 is much more difficult to find than standard infantry rifle. The latter is slightly longer and has all steel furniture. The rifle was manufactured by August Francotte of Liege, as indicated by markings on the lock plate and on the left side of the barrel. The right side of the buttstock displays Francotte's cartouche with "Crown over AF" (fading). Cantonal militia markings and crests are stamped on the barrel along with some other markings, "GH", "ZHS Zurich. 342". "GH" markings are also stamped on the right side. Rear sight adjustable to 700 paces.

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Musket Francotte

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Swiss smoothbore cadet musket.

Basically, a scale-down version of the infantry musket. Manufactured by August Francotte of Liege, as indicated by markings on the lockplate and barrel. Three barrel band configuration. All brass furniture. Canton Vaud (Waadt) markings are stamped on the back of the barrel. There are also several other numbers and proofs stamped on barrel, bands and stock.

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