Some of the most beautiful work of this craftsman, and many others, are in this book “Liège Gunmakers through their Work. 1800 - 1950”.

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Jean HENRARD, known like industrialist, launches out in arms manufacture about 1913 whereas it lives with HERSTAL (Préalle) street Emile Muraille, 157.

He deposits a patent n° the 253071 20.01.1913 for an automatic system of pistol and then a patent of improvement n° 261.794 of the 14.11.1913.

He creates company HENRARD J & Co which will function of 1914 to 1919 following its inscription with the Bench of tests of LIEGE.

Perhaps let us can think itself that that was, for this young company, one period of "thin cows" in this disturbed period of the German occupation.

Always it is that in 1920, Jean HENRARD joins Alphonse DISCRY to create street of the Sandstones, 51-53 with HERSTAL company HENRARD J and A. DISCRY.

From the beginning, it is perhaps this project which joined together them, the interested parties deposit a patent n° the 290.562 17.08.1920 for a pistol with repetition by gas deflagration which is perhaps a misadventure of the first automatic pistol of J.HENRARD.

In the tread, as of the following day, they also deposit their trademark VICI.

The company will remain registered with the bench of tests of LIEGE of 1920 to 1925, which leaves think that the production of weapons was not very important.

GG  &  M.D.

Deposited mark

Photos Litlegun

Curious resemblance!!

Here a pistol with plates "JH" which resembles the Vici really much.

To seek the differences (There is!)