Some of the most beautiful work of this craftsman, and many others, are in this book “Liège Gunmakers through their Work. 1800 - 1950”.

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Alfred et François Kinapen

Revolver with central percussion and open frame. The right side is equipped with a key in L which when it is turned forwards (by swivelling) made advance the barrel and the cylinder thus releasing this last for the loading/unloading! A small metal slat is installed under the cylinder and accompanies and supports the block cylinder barrel at the time of the opening. The pin cylinder and the disc placed behind the cylinder are interdependent of the lock thanks to this pin placed in the periphery. The weapon is equipped with a stick out of wooden (Walnut?) of rebirth type and with metal baluster.

The weapon carries a punch of the proofhouse Z crowned of Liège, indicating a passage in this organization between 1853 and 1877.

The weapon also carries the following marks:

ACIER FONDU (CRUCIBLE CAST STEEL): that says well what that wants to say. This system was often employed in the manufacture of the weapons in LIEGE.

ROLANS DAIRES engraved on the higher side of the barrel: one could think that it is about the arms manufacturer (French?) having resold this weapon. However it is not indicated that he is an arms manufacturer as that was convent the case. This name does not appear in the list of the French arms manufacturers (nor Belgians) of the 19th century? The question thus remains open.

1340: it should be a question of the serial number of the weapon?

The manufacturer: no trademark making it possible to identify this one is visible on the weapon. That makes difficult under these conditions of seeking a patent. Does the mention “arm patented” does not appear there either, which leaves us think that it could be a question of a copy!? It was not rare thing in Liege.


The salesman allots this weapon to Kinapen, after all it possible but without the least is guaranteed!!

Maybe in fonction of this patent ???

Photos Littlegun

Alfred et François Kinapen

It is about a pinfire revolver, with open framework and with six shots, 7 mm calibre.

The key placed on the right side releases the block barrel-cylinder which slips forwards on the axis of barrel for the loading/unloading. I would have liked a photograph showing the open weapon.

I did not see the punches of the proofhouse of Liege that limits the identification!

Only mark KINAPEN F. PATENTS is quite readable.

It is probably about patent n° 029967 of the 27.01.72 deposited by Alfred and François KINAPEN whose sketch appears as an annexe of the present.

This sketch shows a weapon with central percussion seems to me it but with the same key of opening.

The manufacturer-inventor François KINAPEN deposits of 1855 to 1861 two patents for a cap gun and a system of cap gun applicable to all species of weapons of living room. He will be then registered as manufacturer with the bench of tests of Liege of 1862 to 1863 under denomination F.KINAPEN & Co then of 1863 to 1873 like F.KINAPEN.

In 1872, KINAPEN Father and son (Alfred and François) still deposit a patent for a needle in a tube adapting to all systems of weapons.


Many thanks to the "GALERIE REBOUL" for these nice pictures.