Some of the most beautiful work of this craftsman, and many others, are in this book “Liège Gunmakers through their Work. 1800 - 1950”.

For more detail see: LIEGE GUNMAKERS

Lambin & Theate

It is a question of a copy of rifle with percussion (cap & ball) to charge by the mouth, manufactured in LIEGE at the XXe century for Africa and South America in the style of a rifle of the XIXe English century of mark ENFIELD. Mounting in walnut goes to the mouth and is blocked with the barrel by two “brassadelles”. The metal rod is maintained in a channel of rod under the barrel. The lock is of type “ahead” the bayonet of the type “to casing” does not have a handle.

This weapon and its bayonet carry the lawful punches of the proofhouse of LIEGE (BELGIUM), namely:

Coupled AB and spangled: countermark of the controller post 1877.

EL in English letters: provisional test, of use of 1852 to our days.

Peron: inspection, of use of 1853 to our days.

I could not identify another illegible punch!

The weapon also carries several other marks, namely:

L & T in a rectangle with the angles rounded: it is about a trademark of the company LAMBIN & THEATE street Trappé, 5 in LIEGE. Association LAMBIN-THEATE was formed in 1877 until 1886. It then became LAMBIN & THEATE of 1886 to 1894. This last time is in connection with the mark L & T like period of manufacture. This firm was known for the many copies of old weapons manufactured in its workshops and sent to the four corners of the world and more particularly in Africa or South America where these obsolete weapons were still claimed.

BELGIUM THE LITTLE ENFIELD: this mark on the barrel indicates the origin of the weapon and its claim to be a copy of rifle ENFIELD of the previous century.

IIII/: These marks are the fact of the “équipeurs”, the vertical lines mean 4 and the bar obliques 10.

PAF: this mark is unknown for me, it seems me to be posterior with the shop fabrication since it overlaps mark L&T! A retailer perhaps?

Appendix: publicity of this firm in which it is made state of its speciality of rifles be charged by the mouth, with flint and percussion.


Lambin & Theate.

Revolver “Montenegrin” top break, Counet system with double pedal and peripheral extractor, 5 shots, ammunition 11 mm Gasser (11,2 or .44 Montenegrin).

This imposing revolver presents a multitude of markings as various as useless, in German and French, probably intended to give the illusion to the potential buyers of an original manufacture of Léopold Gasser.

From top to bottom on the left-hand side:


GUSS STAHL (crucible cast steel)



192553 (n° of the weapon)

A copy almost in conformity of the marking Gasser (an apple bored by an arrow which the initial LG (Léopold Gasser) with the top surround of S. MARKE). Here one can see a bored heart of an arrow surrounded of initial the *LT* for Lambin & Théate with the top of mention SCHUTZ MARKE (trade mark) and again the number of the weapon, which one will also find on the side of the cylinder.

On the right side: countermark of the controller y spangled and R crowned for rifled bore (post 1894)

One also see on the top of the barrel the monogram of Nicolas Ier of Montenegro: “NI” crowned.

Punches of tests located in front of the cylinder: ELG on star in a crowned oval (post 1893) and countermarks of the controller Y crowned (post 1877).

Thanks to Dirk and GG.


Lambin & Theate.

Rue Trappé, 5 to Liège.


Here is another Lambin & Theate creation - this time a DA revolver based on the Smith & Wesson Frontier.

Lambin & Theate SW DA Revolver, cal 450, serial #216657, barrel 6 inches, overall length 10 1/2 inches,  Letters on top of barrel: MANUFACTURE PAR LAMBIN & THEATE FABR BREVETES SEP 1 89.

Iinside left grip stamped: FG and cartouche with L&T.

The gun was re-finished so the letters on top of the barrel are not completely clear, and I do not have a good photo of the letters.


Here a beautiful copy of Liège of a revolver SMITH & WESSON n° 3 First model with barrel rocking to the bottom, with crack thus. Not being a specialist in the American weapons I issue some reserves as for the model but I think of not being far from the truth.

The weapon which occupies us vigorously was obviously restored; the majority of the marks having seemed it disappeared. No visible punches of proof house of Liège?

It was thus manufactured by the company LAMBIN & THEATE in Liege Street Trappé, n° 5. (Proof house Liège 1877/1894). These manufacturers were already evoked on the site.

Perhaps the mention patented 09.01.89 with the American manner evokes an American patent to which I do not have access, I then thus to say to what it relates. With less than that is not that "powder with the eyes" like that was often the case at that time.

L & T in a cartouche are a mark used by Lambin and Théate.

FG does not evoke anything for me, subcontractor or mark of workshop I am unaware of it.



The weapon

Very beautiful photographs of a small bulldog calibre 320, retractable trigger, grips in horn.

The manufacturer

L & T are a mark used by LAMBIN & THEATE (1877-1894) street Trappé n° 5 in Liege.

HM BVT or BVG (not very readable mark) does not evoke anything for me. BVT could mean BREVETE but HM (perhaps MARCHAND Hubert arms manufacturer in Liege which deposited in 1875 a patent for a system of revolver but it is an assumption!)

It is the same report with regard to FD which could correspond to Fernand DRISSEN manufacturer of weapons in Liege about 1893, its mark was FD in a crowned rhombus, that thus does not correspond and 3 marks of manufacturers on the same weapon it is much.

My assumption is perhaps that the patent was repurchased with MARCHAND by LAMBIN & THEATE which had the outputs, FD would be with my direction a subcontractor!


Lambin & Theate Bulldog Revolver, cal 320, serial #6, barrel 1 5/8 inches, overall length 4 1/2 inches,  Liege mark on rear of cylinder, inside of left grip: HM BVT (or BVG), large, rough marks - FD, Inside right grip: cartouch with L&T

Many thanks to Richard Young for the pictures and the technicals details


Revolver of pocket bulldog type gauge 455! The barrel measures 2 inches and the overall length is 5 inches ½.

The trigger without trigger guard is folding and the crossettes seem to be in horn.

It carries the punches of the bench of tests of Liege is:

Spangled ELG in an oval: acceptance - 1846/1893.

L spangled: countermark of the controller - 1877/1968.

This weapon was thus manufactured between 1877 and 1893.

The manufacturer

The mark L & T is well that of the company LAMBIN and THEATE street Trappé, 5 in

Liége (proof test of Liège 1877/1894). In 1894 it becomes THEATE T & Co.


Lambin & Theate Bulldog Revolver, cal 455, no serial number, barrel 2 inches, overall length 5 1/2 inches

Many thanks to Richard Young for the pictures and the technicals details