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Louis Muller

I perhaps will astonish you, in spite of marking Wesley RICHARDS BELGIUM does not have anything Belgian nor even of Liège.

The association of the name of a well-known arms manufacturer and a country considered for its arms manufacture was perhaps a sales point.

This system of weapon of hunting was probably patented by the interested who in my opinion was an English arms manufacturer.

The weapon was manufactured by ACME ARMS C° which is a trade mark in Liege the 16.12.1889 by manufacturer MULLER, Louis, place of Bronckart, 14 in Liege (see section MULLER on the site).

It is probable that MULLER worked under license RICHARDS but the copies were frequent at the time.

The weapon is a shotgun to juxtaposed guns, smoothes, gauges 16.

The hammers with central percussion are external and the key of opening is between these.

The lock is of type “behind”.

The stick of the type “gun” is in drowning.

Manufacture: to believe the various dates of the punch of Liège, this weapon would have been manufactured between 1889 and 1893.


Louis Muller

This part leaving completely ordinary is in my humble opinion plus a tool that a weapon.

Indeed the part is manufactured starting from a pistol with one shot with swiveling breech, with Mexican trigger, rod of unloading inserted in the stick, hammer with annular percussion.

Comes to be grafted, a manufactured system bronzes some and comprising two parts forming part one of the other. The "room" is bored holes of exhaust of gases seems it but I am unaware of the destination of it.

We most probably notice mention "MULLER BREVETE" belonging to MÜLLER Louis (Proof house of Liège 1883/1892) place of Bronckart, 14 in Liege.

It deposits twelve trademarks of 1889 to 1894 of which ACME - CLUB - CLIMAX - STAR - CRESCENT - RIVAL - STANDART - METEOR - I.X.L.

It becomes then MULLER & Co (Proof house of Liège 1892/1893) and finally MULLER & Co - S.A. des explosifs de CLERMONT with ENGIS (province of Liege) whose registered office was in Liege, Bd de la Sauvenière, 123.

In 1899 this company deposits a Belgian patent for a mechanical loader of cartridges.

It also develops a new powder the "MULLERITE" being presented in the form of small plates of a beautiful green. Its combustion did not give smoke nor of residue and did not release from odor.

Our assumption

We think that this part constituted a kind of test of the powders invented and/or manufactured by the company MULLER of which it was the specialty.


Research is currently in hand in patents MULLER in order to determine if possible the exact destination of this curious object.


Louis Muller

ACME, marks deposited the 16.12.1889 by Müller, Louis, place of Bronckart, 14 in LIEGE.


Belgian made 16 gauge double shotgun, with great Damascus barrels. External hammers, double triggers. 30" barrels. Imported by "Acme Arms Company".

Friendly authorized by “ALLEY CAT”

Muller Louis

It acts of a traditional weapon of hunting to juxtaposed unrifled bores, external hammers, key top.

I unfortunately could not see the punches of the proof tests of Liège and I then thus in saying more.

With regard to mark CRESCENT or half-moon, it acts of a trade mark the 30.11.1889 for MULLER Louis manufacturer of weapons in Liege, places from Bronckart, 14.


Many thanks to Jeffrey Hill for the pictures.