Serge Maillard

This 17 August 2005, presented by a French correspondent and his friend of Wavre, I had the chance to be received by Mr Maillard itself.

While arriving in the property, one is struck by the simplicity of the places, a small masonry in the garden with a car park in front of, only one part (see photo) with in the center a piece of furniture counter, three benches along the windows, 1 column and a saw with band. What also strikes, it is the number of tools for only one craftsman!!

Born in 1936, Serge Maillard, like much, followed the study of the school Leon Mignon. After five years in this temple of the arms instruction, there enter to the service of Jean Duchateau like apprentice, he will remain five years there.

From 1968 to 1972 it will work for the house Mahillon (House of the hunter) in Brussels.

Then, in 1972, it will settle Rue Montoyer, 69 to 1040 Brussels.

And finally, in 1999 at Grey-Doiceau, its current address.

During more than 30 years (72-2003), Léopold Jamart worked with him.

Serge Maillard is a man attaching, reserved, almost timid, but as soon as one tackles precise subjects concerning with the craft industry of arms manufacture, it becomes animated with passion.

It spoke to us about the time when each tool used was manufactured with the hand and showed us these tools proudly, making even the demonstration of the squaring on a piece of drowning.

In its career, it did not manufacture of whole weapon, its specialty is repair and modification.

Pensioner, it does not work any more but for his faithful customers and at the rhythm which plait to him!!


A shotgun modified by Maillard and engraved by Erik Ivan.