Some of the most beautiful work of this craftsman, and many others, are in this book “Liège Gunmakers through their Work. 1800 - 1950”.

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The "Manufacture Impériale de Liège"

In 1792, Jean GOSUIN (1746-1808) founded an arms  manufactory quay Saint Léonard in Liege.

After having vegetated a little, manufacture becomes in 1799 the Manufacture Nationale d’Armes de Guerre (National Manufacture of Weapons of War).

GOSUIN obtained for six years the exclusive supply of military weapons for FRANCE and this thanks to its many supports.

GOSUIN having fallen then into a certain disgrace, manufacture become imperial was sub-leased in Nicolas-Noël BOUTTET in 1804.

Imperial manufacture was evacuated in January 1814 front the advance of the allied troops. In 1816, manufacture was repurchased by another manufacturer of Liège: P.J. MALHERBE.


Many thanks to the "ROYAL ARMY MUSEUM" Bruxelles and especially the section "ARMES PORTATIVE".

(N° d'identification : F718/171sup Collection of "Comte de Ribaucourt")

Another weapon of the same type of the

Manufacture Impériale de Liège

The weapon

It acts of a rifle of infantry models YEAR 9 derived from the model 1777.

That wants to say that the model 1777 was modified with the locks, fixings of trimming and the spring of fixing of the rod.

This weapon which known a great success during the Napoleonean wars measures 1m 515, weighs 4 kg 375 and is of a nominal gauge of 17,5 mm


Imperial manufacture of weapons in Liege: to see above.

Year 9: it indicates the model of the weapon.

13: should be 1913, year of manufacture of this weapon.

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