Some of the most beautiful work of this craftsman, and many others, are in this book “Liège Gunmakers through their Work. 1800 - 1950”.

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Neumannn Frères

Rue St Remy 5-7 à Liège

Belgian bench test 1860 - 1962.

Firm CLEMENT in 1954 begins again.


By Herr

Neumann Frères & C°, Liège erw 1860/63 "Fabricant".

Neumann Frères, Liège erw 1863/1924, "Fabricant", succede to "Neumann frères & C°".

Neumann Max, Liège ca 1900, see also "Clément & Neumann".

Neumann Frères

Revolver of the type KOBOLD calibre 44 Russian with central percussion of them. Large gauge for a so small weapon, it must strongly buck with the shooting!

The barrel is round with front sight in half-moon and 9 stripes!

The cylinder not grooved carries 5 chambers.

The stick in nozzle of Corbin is equipped with two plates, out of wood of drowning, finely striped.

The plates are joined together by a through screw and two brass rivet washers.

The loading is practiced by a right side door, actuated by an internal spring.

The casings are removed by the rod fixed on the axis of barrel. It must be inserted very into turn in each chamber to remove the casing which is there.

It does weapon seem to preserve 100% of its nickel plating, it is rather rare is it is not a question of a Re-nickel plating?

It carries the punches of tests of the proofhouse of Liege, namely:

Spangled ELG in an oval: final acceptance of 1846 to 1893.

L spangled: countermark of the controller post 1877.

The other marks are:

A hunting horn with a N inside: it is about a trade mark by NEUMANN Frères street Saint Remy, 15 in LIEGE, just like mark KOBOLD deposited by same the 29.12.1893. That shows that before even to have deposited these marks, the weapon already manufactured and had passed to the bench of tests. The weapon thus has in all probability be manufactured in 1893.

On the barrel, the mark MARQUIS COIRIER successors. T and F Bd. from the Italians, 4 in PARIS, belong without question to the retailer Parisian arms manufacturer who resold this weapon. MARQUIS founded a collective factory and a workshop in 1848. He took part in the exposure of Paris in 1855 and 1867 and in that of London in 1862. Nothing found on COIRIER!


Neumann Frères

This weapon does not have anything a postal revolver; it acts of a revolver with central percussion with 9 shots of the type “mitrailleuse”.

The barrel with sides with the thunder becomes round and hemmed with the mouth the made-to-order of the REISCHREVOLVER just as the safety of the type MAUSER.

This barrel is equipped with a front sight in half-moon.

The loading is practiced by the side door dropping thanks to the action of an internal spring. Unloading is practiced using a rod swivelling on an axis.

The stick in nozzle of corbin consists of two plates of gutta-percha (moulded rubber).

The weapon carries the lawful punches of the test of Liège, namely:

Spangled ELG in a crowned oval: acceptance post 1893.

O spangled: countermark of the controller post 1877.

R crowned: rifled bore post 1894.

L crowned on the barrel: it is not a question of a mark of the proofhouse but rather, in any assumption, of a mark of manufacturer of barrel (foundry)


The postal horn with a N inside posed on the plates of gutta-percha is a trade mark by NEUMANN Frères, street St Remy, 15 in LIEGE. This mark was deposited the 30.12.1893 what agrees well with the punches of tests.

This firm left other marks like: Kobold - Head of tiger - Headlight - letter NR and tin soldier - Impérator - The new century riffle.


Photos Littlegun

Neuman Bros.

Nice Martiny system

Hunting gun NEUMANN frères.

NEUMANN Brothers street St Remy 5 and 7 in LIEGE

- Belgian bench of test of 1863 to 1924.

The mark with the HEADLIGHT was deposited by brothers NEUMANN the 14.08.1909!

Marking on the weapon:

- punch ELG in a crowned oval: acceptance of the BE from July 1893 to our days.

- punch 16C in a rhombus: gauge nominal valid of the 04.10.1898 to the 30.06.1924.

- surmounted PV of a stylized lion: test without valid smoke of the 04.10.1898 to the 26.02.1968.

- punch with the tower: inspection of the BE of the 16.06.1853 at our days.

- punch EL in cursive letters: provisional test of the 21.12.1852 at our days.

- punch L surmounted by a star: countermark of the controller of the 27.01.1877 to the 26.02.1968.