Pieper Bergman 1908

Cal. 9mm

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Pieper Bergman Bayard 1908

Cal. 9mm

Pieper Bergman simplex

Bergmann "simplex" was one of the semi auto the best of its generation, developped at the point by one of the most prolific originators of the period, Theodore Bergmann, which sold its licence for this model to the Belgians in 1897.

Approximately 4.000 simplex were manufactured, as well as an unspecified number of Spanish copies.

Belgian Bergmann Bayard Model 1910/21 semi-auto pistol manufactured by Pieper.

One of the most fascinating semi-auto pistols in its class!

The right side of the slide displays following markings, "ANCIENS ESTABLISSEMENTS PIEPER. HERSTAL-LIEGE. BRGMANN'S PATENT M.1910/21" and "BREVETE S.G.D.G".

Scarce pistol manufactured in the period of 1910-1914 for Denmark.

Pieper Bergmann Bayard

Model 1910/21