Some of the most beautiful work of this craftsman, and many others, are in this book “Liège Gunmakers through their Work. 1800 - 1950”.

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Sauveur Henri

Here is a very beautiful shotgun with locks and two pairs of barrels of the Henri Sauveur company.

A similar weapon appears in a 1928 catalogue of the Sauveur house, with another engraving. Unfortunately, we found nothing on the engraver N. Demarteau. Although the name is well known, it refers to engravers from the end of the 18th century. The two pairs of barrels were tested in Liege and Ferlach in Austria.

One of the pairs comes from Jean Falla, arms and cannon manufacturer in Liege, rue Bonne Nouvelle 35. He used in particular the registered and engraved trademark "Eagle's head - CAP JF compressed steel", a high-strength steel used in the manufacture of extra-light barrels.

And the other one from CAP Joseph, manufacturer of barrels of rifle, rue Jonruelle 62 in Liège.

We have a pair of barrels with annual letter "h" for 1929 and another pair with annual letter "m" for 1934 which was also tested in Ferlach in Austria. One can either think that the . 405s were not easy to find in Austria, so a pair of 8 x 60 (probably RS) barrels was made, or that the lucky owner also wanted to shoot another type of game.

GP with HPH et PHL




The newspaper of arms manufacture of Liège of July 1910 published by the Union of the Manufacturers of weapons of LIEGE, indexes mark HS without rhombus and allots it to Henri SAUVEUR et Fils. The consultation of the industrial and commercial directory of 1924, teaches us that the company H. SAUVEUR & Fils was installed at that time Rue Hors-Chateau, 9 in LIEGE.

The factory was located Rue St Léonard, 627 and one branch was established in Gand, Marché aux oiseaux, 2.

Two other addresses are indexed in LIEGE, one Rue St Gilles, 253 and the other Rue sur la Fontaine, 84 without we being able to determine if they are used in turn or at the same time.

Henri SAUVEUR would have begun his activities from manufacturer arms manufacturer in 1903.

In 1910, it takes again the activity of SAUVEUR, Jean until 1923, date on which JEAN takes again his own activity.

In 1933, HENRI again takes again the activity of JEAN and that of SAUVEUR, Joseph. It seems that the activity of this company will last until in 1938 pennies the denomination of SAUVEUR H. Fils & Co. We also meet mentions of patents deposited at the end of 19th century and at the beginning of 20th by SAUVEUR, Henri-Mathieu, SAUVEUR H.J.M. and SAVER H.J.M. & Fils. It seems that it is each time HENRI SAUVEUR under different denominations.

It also appears that SAUVEUR, Henri was a highly skilled gunner because it took parts the shooting proof of the Olympic Games of LONDON in 1908. The interested party, on his experiment, amongst other things manufactured weapons of shooting of precision which according to its publicity were illustrated in numbers of international contests. The house manufactured also long weapons such as rifles of shooting FLOBERT, MAUSER and MARTINY, shotguns to central fire and standard pin LEFAUCHEUX. Out of weapons of fist, it produced weapons of shooting of precision to 50 meters, revolvers of defence gauges of them 9 and 12 mm and of the automatic guns systems BROWNING, COLT etc.

It acts undoubtedly of a family of manufacturers of Liège ignored whose production so much out of weapons of fist than out of long weapons gains to be discovered through publicities of the time.