FN 1900

FN 1900 pistol with a small serial number: 2950.

It is one of the first FN pistols manufactured in 1900.

On the carcass there is only the small acronym with the pistol and the marking Breveté S. G. D. G.

The plates of grips are chocolate coloured and the drawing of the small pistol is not like on the others.

According to Anthony Vanderlinden's book on Browning pistols (p. 146), this variant of the legend on this pistol is that of the first year of production (1900).

Later on, the drawing of the rather rough little gun was replaced by a better one!


FN 1900

A FN 1900 pistol with serial number n° 1 !!

The markings EC on the side are the initials of the owner. Emile Courant, he was the chief of the fire department in Antwerp during the war.


Joeri W.

FN 1900

Cal. 7.65mm

The Model 1900 was manufactured from 1900 to 1912, it was the first pistol ever to use the 7.65mm cartridge (known in the U.S. as .32 ACP), which had been designed for it by Browning. The Model 1900 was adopted by the Belgian Army in March 1900, and later adopted by many other European military and police forces as well as being a successful commercial product. About 725,000 were made 1899-1910.

Another 1900 with belgian military punch.

Photos Littlegun

F.N. 1900 engraved

Another FN 1900 "de Luxe"

FN 1900 spécial model

caliber 7.65mm

"Dem Kaiser die Treu - Dem Feinde das Blei"

"Loyalty to the Kaiser - Lead to the Enemy"

"Ihrem lieben v. Barsewisch zur Erinnerung"

"To our dear v. Barsewisch for remembrance"

"Blanck, D'Avis, Ossig, v. Pfannenberg,

Frhr. v. Wittenhorst Sonsfeld"

This unusual FN Browning Model 1900 was presented to Lt. v. Barsewisch about 1903.


A curiosity, FN 1900 in caliber 6.35mm

Details unknow

F.N. 1900 chinese ( or Pachtoun) copy

Chinese Copy of Browning 1900 semi-auto pistol. Marked on the left side of the frame: Browning S Patent. The other markings do not make much sense, as they seem to be a combination of European letters that do not create any words(GUERREHERSTALGUERRE....). Some unrecognizable proofs are present on the left side of the frame.

Other copy

With a copy of the mark Mauser (?) ( stupid !)

Another copy Pachtoun

Marks very strange !!