Browning Twelvette

Browning “Double-auto”, which is an exception in the world of automatic rifle: Strictly with two shots (without magazine), system with short retreat of the barrel, construction completely and immediately "take-down”, first use of a carcass alloy on an automatic, but commercial fiasco (less than 70.000 specimens sold in the whole world between 52 and 71!)

There existed in carcass steel but especially out of nonferrous alloy (Hiduminium) like this one, and that in 9 colors with the choice, which was a first time.

On the level gauges: only gauge 12.

In addition to the standard completion, there was the completion “Twelvette” like here or “Twentyweight”, with light hand made engravings which you can see on the photographs of course.

You will notice also the buttplate in horn compressed with the effigy of JM Browning.

Finally I put it dismounted, which is done in a split second: It is enough, thanks to a small latch to slightly lower the back of the forearm (which remains related on the back mechanism and the stick) and the barrel can directly be removed! (I have two barrels with different chokes)

In addition to the weight reduced thanks to alloy, all these characteristics made of it a weapon of exception and “sporting” use, thing which the marginal sales unfortunately confirmed.