FN FAL Argentina

I send you, for your (our) enormous encyclopaedic website, some photos of my (not FN) FAL PARA cal. 7,62 NATO.

This one was made, under FN - Herstal license, by "Fabrica Militar " in Rosario (Argentina) in late '80 and than sold to Croatian Army were fought during the last Yugoslavian war; the bayonet is the "tubolar" model with built in flash hider (the muzzle break is on the barrel integrated grenade launcher).

Before to put in the civilian market, it was refurbished by Italian importer.

In order of Italian law this one can fire only in semiauto mode and the selector lever is not able to reach the full auto position.

The alloy folding buttstock and the alloy magazine make it much lighter (and less cumbersome, important for para troops) than the Infantry one.

The two leaflets rear sight (150 - 250 mts.) not allow for an accurate shooting, but it was not the purpose; however it is enough accurate to have fun.