Alexandre Fagnus

The weapon

It is about a revolver pinfire but with box frame of the manufacturer of Liège Alexandre FAGNUS.

The weapon doesn’t have a door of loading.

The provisioning is carried out by dismounting the barrel.

It is enough to remove its axis by drawing it forwards using the metal stem.

This axis remains hung with the barrel thanks to an air sleeve.

A metal chain is fixed at the cylinder and the weapon preventing any loss of this accessory.

The rifled bore is long and round with front sight in elevated barley grain.

The cylinder with 6 rooms in 12 mm for cartridges with pin.

The axis is also used as rod of extraction of the casings inflated by the shooting.

The stick in the pear shape consist of two plates out of wooden (walnut?) squared reserves by a transverse screw and two rivet washers with only one ear. The stick ends in a ring of cap and its screw pivot.


Surprisingly doesn't this weapon carry any punch of tests?


665: serial number.

A. FAGNUS PATENT: this weapon was invented by Alexandre FAGNUS arms manufacturer of Liège, street of Célestines, 9 and credit in several arms companies of 1861 to 1889. For the present weapon, it deposited two patents and improvement n° 20234 of the 02.06.1866 and 20887 of the 02.02.1867 whose technical drawings are appended.

GD in English letters: these initial is engraved on the internal face of the cylinder. Is’t about the manufacturer of the weapon or only of the cylinder, I’m unaware of it? In any assumption they could belong to Gilles DECORTIS arms manufacturer in Cheratte.


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