Masereel “Perhaps”??

It is about a revolver with central percussion and box frame!

The cylinder grooved own 11 chambers in 8 mm LEBEL.

The rifled bore is with eight sides then round to the hemmed mouth. The front sight is placed at the ¾ of the barrel!

A safety MAUSER is placed on the carcass with the left side.

The grips in wood (Walnut?) squared and are maintained by a transverse screw and two rivet washers. The stick ends in a ring of cap and its screw-pivot.

The weapon carries the lawful punches of the proofhouse of LIEGE, namely:

ELG on star in a crowned oval: final acceptance post 1893.

R crowned: rifled bore, of use of 1894 to 1968.

A and T coupled and spangled: countermark of the controller post 1877.

The cylinder carry an L crowned which does not belong to the proofhouse but probably to the founder of cylinder.

This weapon does not carry any mark of manufacturer.

A page of catalog MASEREEL in LIEGE attached, shows us a similar weapon but thus the cylinder makes only 9 chambers, with one 8 mm LEBEL it was probably possible to make 11 chambers with the same cylinder. This weapon is presented by MASEREEL as being German BULL DOG!!