Pistol "Cyclist"

Pistol of cyclist, also called “sparrow pistol” or even “VeloDog”, or “pistol of factor”, caliber 6mm bosquette, unrifled bore, manufactured to thousands of specimens in France about 1895-1905 and exported in all Europe. With the purchase of…., you receive a small pistol "cyclist" in premium!!

There exists about it of all the sizes and models, this one have an ejector and a guillotine breech.

Some do not even have that, it is necessary to remove the drawn cartridge with a stem by the interior.

The majority manufactured in France or Belgium, were sold "in white" in Germany, and were tested in Bremen. U surmounted of two crowns is the official punch of Bremen and means “untersucht” (tested).

Little looked after completion, but folklore obliges. These things were sold by whole baskets on the markets and were offered in premium to any purchaser of a bicycle.

These small guns, of which some have a barrel going up to 20 cm and present sometimes an acceptable completion are amusing to collect, there are tens of alternatives.

This one have a barrel of 26 cm !!


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