Walther Model 4

The Walther Model 4 was introduced in 1910.

It was a blowback operated pistol chambered for the 7.65mm Browning.

It was larger than the earlier models, being of the size for which a holster might be deemed necessary, but the longer grips and barrel improved the pistol's handling and pointing characteristics.

The Model 4 was the first Walther pistol to achieve notable commercial success, and many were used by police agencies as well as the German military during World War One.

The pistol has an elongated barrel bushing which serves the same purpose as that on the earlier pistols, but in addition, also carries the front sight.

Model 4's were manufactured between 1910 and 1918. The Model 4 was 6" long and weighed about 18.5 ounces. Magazine capacity was eight rounds.

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