Colt derringer

It is simple, there are 3 types:

1st model Derringer National, completely out of metal.

2nd model Derringer National, with plates out of wood.

They are those with an extremely bent stick and the barrel which opens while being inclined on the right.

This one is the “3rd model”, developed by engineer Thuer from Colt. Thuer didn’t invent the system with rotating barrel, which existed already, but well the automatic ejector.

In the 3rd model, there are 3 types:

1st type with lower part of the curved frame and a raised portion in which the screw is placed;

2nd type like this one.

3rd type (more usual) like this one but with a more tilted peak of hammer.

In the 2nd type there are 2 kinds of Colt markings on the barrel: either into large and tilted like this one (most current), or in small right letters (only 2.000 ex).

This pistol is never engraved standard, but it can receive plates to drown some, out of bois de rose, mother-of-pearl or ivory (of factory gets along).

The barrel is always blue, the brass frame is nickelled or silver plated.

Very rare specimens were made gauges 41 CF for the English market of them, but the normal gauge is the 41 RF extra Shorts, the same ammunition as for Remington O/U derringer.

Manufactured of 1872 to 1912 in an unknown number of specimens. Copied by several other arms manufacturers from the wide world. With short distance, it is a weapon devastator. The short pointed naked lead ball is crushed like dum-dum.


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