Remington “The Woodmaster” model 81

In 1936 Remington introduced the Model 81.

It’s basically the same gun that the model 8.

There are little differences such as a heavier pistol-grip stock and more robust fore-end.

The calibre.300 Savage was added in 1940 to increase the performance of the model 81 and named it “The Woodsmaster”.

The Remington model 81, the “Woodsmaster” Autoloading Rifle were manufactured from 1936 to 1950 on approximately 55800 unities. His inventors are John Moses Browning and C.C. Loomis.

The serial number starts from 0001 to 55581.

There exists in calibre .300 Savage, .30 Remington, .32 Remington and .35 Remington with different grades: 81A Standard, 81C Special, 81D Peerless, 81E Expert and 81F Premier

This one have the serial number 29437 and was thus manufactured in 1945. The serial number of 1945 start from 23809 to 30525.

It is in a completely extraordinary state, it is a part of any beauty!

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