Whitney Kennedy

In 1880, Samual V. Kennedy and Frank W. Tiesing redesigned the 1878 Burgess rifle to accept the popular .44 Winchester Center Fire cartridge. With the basic machining already in place, the transition was rather inexpensive. The last Burgess was shipped from the factory in March 1880 and the first Kennedy was also shipped in March 1880.

Estimated dates of production: Early 1880 to early 1886.

Total production estimated at approximately 23,500. E range introduced the .45-60 cartridge. Frame becomes slightly larger. F and G range the loop lever was introduced. .45-75, .40-60, and .38-40 rifles were introduced. .50-95 and .32-20 were made in late production.

Barrel markings: Initially marked only Kennedy, after nearly 2000, Whitneyville Armory Ct. U.S.A. was added to the address.

Tang markings: Early markings were; PATENTED January 7, 1873-May 19, 1879

Later markings were; PAT’D JANY. 7-73. APRIL 12 ) MAY 13 & AUG. 12-79

It appears that the die might have had a break in it, as April 12 is not clear on all that were examined.

Serial numbers: Serial numbers began with 1, approximately 4500 the serial number

Sequence was changed to a letter prefix, i.e. A1-A999, to B1-B999 continuing this sequence till the end of production in the high S range. Serial numbers are located under the lever and also on the lever.

By opening the lever both these numbers can be observed. However, there are some that are found without numbers in one or more of these places. Most all of the parts are also marked.

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