Winchester 1866

Winchester – Model 1866 known as: “Yellow boy”

Year of manufacture 1887 - Calibre .44.

- Total length: 99 cm, barrel 50 cm.

In 1866, the New Haven Arms Company changed its name to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The 1866 model was the first firearm built under the name Winchester.

This rifle is very similar to the famous Henry rifle, of which it is a much improved version.

They were extremely popular on the western border after the Civil War and were generally used intensively.

Approximately 170,000 model 1866 were manufactured from 1866 to 1898:

- Rifle: round or octagonal barrel. Approximately 28,000 products.

- Carabine: round gun. Approximately 127,000 products.

- Musket: round barrel. Approximately 14,000 products.

Commonly known as Yellowboy because of its bronze carcass.

Round barrel marked on the top plane on two lines (partially legible):

“Winchester’s Repeating Arms. New Haven. CT. King’s -improvement – patented - March 29 1866 October 16 1860. ”

Drifting front sight and graduated back sight, half-moon brass buttplate with slot for the rod.

This rifle used a . 44-caliber annular percussion cartridge Henry or . 44 Flat CF (or . 440) Brazilian).

This weapon was repackaged by J. Pire & Co. of Antwerp, I don’t know in which year and which repackaging it is!

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