Winchester 1873

Billy the Kid, Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane, the Dalton brothers and well of others still made the popularity of this famous rifle with lever of under guard.

It have the characteristic to eject the casings to the top, the sight consist of a rise containing a blade with notches which one can move forwards or back. These notches increasingly high raise the rise.

This one has a barrel of 61 cm, it is thus a rifle of hunting. With a barrel of 51 cm one speaks about a carbine, from 51 to 61 cm of a rifle of hunting, with more than 70 cm one considers that it is about a musket.

The 1873 were primarily manufactured in three calibres, the 44-40 WCF, the 38-40 WCF and the 32-20 WCF.

Spain (Manufactory of weapons of Oviedo) in also manufactured for the Spanish army calibre some 44-40

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