Winchester 1876 Rifle in 50-95 Express

Winchester 1876 Rifle in 50-95 Express This is the Big Bear of the Model 1876 line-up...a Centennial rifle in Caliber 50-95 Express.

These Express rifles were quite popular for taking big game at short ranges throughout the world.  In addition to use in North America, many Express rifles saw use in India and Africa.

It is not in very good condition, it has many bites, fortunately very superficial, but it is a rare weapon! !

It has a 22 round barrel, which is short enough for a weapon of this kind.

As well an half magazine, which seems to be a special order.

For those of you out there who think that half mags are kind of wimpy, you may be surprised to learn that this rifle is in the exact configuration recommended by Winchester.

Here is an excerpt from former Winchester Museum Curator, Herbert Houze's excellent book on the Winchester Model 1876. "Unveiled on May 1, 1879, this new variation of the Model 1876 was described as follows in the pamphlet which accompanied its introduction: "To meet the wants of the hunter who needs a weapon having absolute killing power but not necessarily long range, this rifle is now introduced.....these guns will be furnished in any style of finish used in the model 1876 but the 26 inch barrel is recommended as giving the best results; we also recommend a short magazine as giving a lighter and better balanced gun."

Production figures support these statements as Mr. Houze's book also notes that of the roughly 3300 Model 1876's produced in 50-95 Express, 1,856 had 26" barrels and almost half of production, 1,529 had shorter than standard magazines.

Serial number is in the 51,000 range.  Made in 1884 according to Factory records.

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