Winchester 1892

Trapper model - Barrel 40 cm

Santa Fe Province is a province of central-eastern Argentina. Its capital is the city of Santa Fe.

The markings:

CBA: for (Province of) Córdoba next to the Province of Santa Fe.

OTME: ordenamiento territorial municipal estado.

CAL . 45 “REFORMO” : may refer to a different calibre from the 44 -40 WCF.

The mark visible on the left side of the breech is the inspection mark of the FMAP “Domingo Matheu” (Argentine Military Factory) located in Rosario, Santa Fe Province, Argentina. This punch is called “Pine Tree”. *

This rifle was repackaged in the FMAP workshops in the 1950s, like some other SRCs in the 1950s. -40 which were originally purchased for the Argentine Railway Police.

The same stamp is found on the FAL assault rifles of the Belgian FN Herstal that were manufactured or reconditioned in Argentina (not subject but for the record the paths of Winchester, Browning and FN often crossed).


* The Direccion General de Fabricaciones Militares (Directorate General of Military Production), at the Fabrica Militar de Armas Portailes in Santa Fe. The plant was also known as the “Domingo Matheu” plant, named after a founding member of Argentina’s first independent national government, the Primera Junta (First Assembly). The vast majority of Domingo Matheu’s production was destined for the military. However, small quantities of rifles and bayonets were also produced for civilian police and security organizations.

Thanks to all the great pros who helped me on this ID through the site “Tircollection”

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