Winchester Take down mod.63

The first (Without scope) was manufactured in 1954.

The second (With scope) is rarer and manufactured in 1933


The predecessor of the MOD 63 is MOD 1903 who were available in a "standard" and a "deluxe" version (also called "plain" and "fancy" versions). The standard version had a plain walnut stock with a plan straight grip. The deluxe version had a checkered walnut pistol grip stock with a checkered forearm. A tubular magazine located in the buttstock held ten cartridges.

In the 1930s, it was renamed “Model 63” after a partial redesign and fired the .22LR.

The Model 63 was first available for purchase in 1933 and remained in production until 1958.

Total Production 126,000 Model 1903 rifles and approximately 175,000 Model 63 rifles.The MOD 63 was chambered for the popular and widely available .22 Long Rifle cartridge in the place of the ammunition of the MOD 1903 which was the 22 Winchester Automatic. It was initially made with a 20" barrel, then with a 23" barrel from 1936 until the end of production in 1958. About 175,000 Model 63 rifles were manufactured, with the last 10,000 having grooved receiver tops for scope mounting.

The Winchester Model 1903 was designed by T.C. Johnson, who had joined Winchester in 1885.


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