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Pieper (Anciens Etablissements)

Pieper 1889/36

This is a war rifle called the “Mauser rifle 89/36 Belgian calibre 7. 65x53” descendant of the Mauser 1889. It is in fact a conversion of the large quantity of MAUSER 1889 available (100,000? ) in a shorter, more modern-looking weapon. This task will be entrusted to three companies from Liège, the Manufacture d’Armes de l’Etat, the FN and the Anciens Etablissements Pieper of which this weapon was part.

The weapon bears various hallmarks including those of the Manufacture d’Armes de l’Etat responsible for accepting the weapon intended for the Belgian army:

EGB in a vertical oval: hallmark of the Manufacture d’Armes de l’Etat.

H in a circle: punch of a controller.

B in a square: Belgian infantry school.

L722 on the stick: meaning ignored, maybe it’s the wood control number?

The gun also bears the inscription ETABTS Pieper Herstal on the breech, which is the trademark of the Herstal factory that transformed the gun.

28 952: serial number.


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