Some of the most beautiful work of this craftsman, and many others, are in this book “Liège Gunmakers through their Work. 1800 - 1950”.

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Revolver 5mm

That's very, very little!!


Revolver 5mm (see also in the heading "Germany")

They are both of the "revolvers of transition". With the origin, they was revolvers with pin, probably unsold goods and transformed into workshop out of revolvers with central percussion towards the end of last century, when the pin revolvers did not find really any more purchasers. That meets from time to time, and some have even a Abadie lever as on Bulldog.

Interesting to collect!

He is obviously of Liège, as its markings attest it, and he is also in the beginning more recent (post 1894), but he underwent same conversion, probably in the same area or the same workshop. I do not know what the number struck the side of the carcass under the barrel means, but it is probably a n° of service or attribution (stations or customs, will know).

I think that they were converted in the same workshop, because they have identical ejectors and transformed Lefaucheux hammers. Conversions of the same type made in Liege generally comprise a lever of added bounce, the top of the carcass receive an added part and are bored of a channel of central percussion, the hammer, the ejector and the cylinder is replaced by the new ones. Here, only the cylinder and the ejector were changed, and there is no lever of bounce. The head of the hammers was simply transformed. They are unfortunately not nickelled, but chrome, and this bad practice of beginning of the century is bad bus chromium plating is badly made and does not hold well. But it is perfectly in the style of the time.


Hello Alain,

Don't you find an air of family between the 2nd mark on your small 22 of Liège and the mark of FRANCOTTE above??

I do not affirm anything but!!

This mark was deposited in 1905.

The other mark with the crown is always hermetic for me.


After restoration

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