Joseph Vivario

The weapon

It is about a single shot pistol of stand or living room, Flobert type, with annular percussion.

The caliber is of 4mm. The trigger under trigger guard is with rest-finger.

The head of hammer is squared and the front sight is in V.

The barrel is octagonal but the edges were levelled and of the ellipses dug with the mouth.

It carries a front sight in barley grain placed dovetail.

The stock of a part out of wood (Walnut blackened?) and carved kind into leaf just like the engraving on the metal parts. It ends in a metal cap and a baluster.

The weapon is the subject of a patent n004217 of the 27.03.1857 for the small steel part being used as extractor, added to the dog. (See technical drawing of the patent in appendix)




The barrel carries engraved the mention Joseph Vivario F ct in Liege, it acts of the mark of the inventor/manufacturer Joseph Vivario, manufacturer of weapons in Liege and registered with the proofhouse of 1845 to 1878. It deposited five Belgian patents during his career, namely:

- A lever contiguous to the hammer and being used to uncouple the capsule.

- Modifications made to the lever contiguous to the barrel, to uncouple the capsule, with the weapons of living room.

- A modification with the lever contiguous to the barrel to uncouple the capsule with the weapons of living room.

- A Lefaucheux rifle closing with trigger guard with one T.

- A means of uncoupling the starters with the weapons of living room.


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