Enfield No.2 Mark 1*

In 1922 Enfield and Webley proposed, on request of the ministry for the war, each one a prototype of revolver into .38.

Enfield carried the market and Enfield N°2 was adopted in 1932.

This one is the first modification of the Model N°2, it is what the star indicates in complete name: Enfield No.2 Mark 1*.

This model, without peak of hammer, was developed at the end of the years 1930 for “British Tank Corps”. Another reason of its creation lies in its lower production cost. No 2 Mk 1 * is characterized by its incapacity to only shot in single action, which explains the absence of peak. The new hammer had been required by the command of the Tank Corps to prevent that this part is dangerous by running up against an internal element of the tank. The new model also had of lighter springs and new grips in black bakelite.

During the Second World War, the two alternatives of this revolver will be used by the forces armed with the Commonwealth: the MKI and the MKI*. The latter was very widely distributed to the FFI (Forces Françaises de l’Intérieur), FFL (Forces Françaises Libres) and with the commandos.

It is called besides in France “Enfield Commando”.

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