Holloway Thomas

Here is a juxtaposed English-made shotgun: long damas barrels, rear locks, exterior hammers.

Between the barrels: the mention Thomas Holloway Chippenham (small town of about 40,000 inhabitants about 140 km west of London on the River Avon).

The weapon was tested in London (CP crowned) and in Birmingham (two kinds of crossed arrows surmounted by a crown with the letters BCP, a mark apparently used until 1904), if I understand correctly with the black powder (BLK POR and NON NITRO), probably at different times, for reasons that I do not know.

I’m guessing the 12 in a horizontal diamond is about the caliber, and 21⁄2 about the length of the chamber. But from what I saw in my book, it would also take a small c under the 12. However, it is not listed here.

The statement “Rectangular Wedge Bolt patented 3091 1871” must refer to the opening key between the hammers. A member of the team found that a John Thomas had filed the patent on November 15, 1871. The text of the patent has not yet been found.

I didn’t find anything about gunmaker Thomas Holloway either. I’m not in a position to say he is the manufacturer or “simply” the seller. But the same member of the team found a Thomas Halloway living in Cook Street in 1875, with no details of his occupation. There’s probably a lot to bet it’s him...

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