Spanish copy of the S&W 3rd Model DA .44 Russian revolver, introduced in 1881. Like the original, this revolver has a cover plate extending to the whole left side of the frame. Manufactured by Garate y Anitua of Eibar and other Spanish producers, in the calibers .44 Russian and .45 Long Colt.

In 1915-16, the British army had a great lack of handguns. In order to fill that gap, the British ordered about 100,000 of these copies in Spain, but in the .455 Webley caliber which was the common one used in the British army. The Spanish could easily and rapidly

convert barrels and chambers to the British caliber.

At the same time the British ordered 107,000 New Service models from Colt in the same caliber. In order to fulfill that huge order, the Colt factory had to approach the Remington Arms Co, who produced a part of these revolvers under governmental control. They also had to deliver to the British their civilian versions (mod 1909) of that revolver. After the war, a large number were turned back to Canada.


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