Yturrioz y Echeverria

The question was: “Why not of punches?”

¿ As you already tried to make hear reason has a Basque????

Eh well here a dictatorship was needed, and still… Obstinate like mules.

Not, serious. About thirty revolvers of the Lefaucheux type which passed by my hands, some in lamentable state, others appearing to have left factory yesterday, the 3/4 DO NOT HAVE PUNCHES!!!!!

Almost all carry the same number on all the parts, the number of assembly of the parts of the puzzle.

About don't half even bear the name of the manufacturer, and you me requests “why not for punches? ”

Very simple. It is a question of money, neither more nor less. To affix an “official” punch cost money and obliged the manufacturer with a certain quality, which they were not in a position to produce.

The fact is that you have very beautiful Lefaucheux doubles action, in 12 mm if I am not mistaken, or in 9 if not.

Yturrioz functioned as manufacture of weapons in the neighborhoods of the years 1870-1880. It manufactured especially of Lefaucheux and the most known and dated are to it year 1875, but also sabers for the army.

Be not done so many concern for the punches, especially on Lefaucheux, me I gave up a long time ago.


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