Lefaucheux Eugène

Pinfire revolver 7 mm traditional.

Mechanism on double action only.

Folding trigger forwards

Round barrel (according to its length one can determine its scarcity).

Manufactured by Lefaucheux in its workshops of Paris as marking LF 15035 indicates it.

Probable manufacture street Lafayette since the factory returns in function in 1860.

Normally one should also find a marking in oval “E. Lefaucheux patented SGDG in Paris” either on the trigger, or at the place of fixing centers/barrel.

Fixing by an “excentric” screw.

Arm marketed by the Lepage House (I noted that Lepage markets Lefaucheux weapons since the whole beginning of the adventure of Eugene, since I saw on a LF 272 of very first type marking “Lepage brothers”).

Engraving on the top of the barrel is curious…. It’s as if with the word “street” the engraver had realized that it will not have sufficient place to put “Enghien”. (contraction of the letters).

Other engravings are traditional time.

The parts should be numbered of two digits with possibly a letter.


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