It is a Lefaucheux revolver of type MICHALLON of PARIS. Michallon designed its revolvers by exploiting the concept of the pistols with trunk with one shot. The principal characteristics of Michallon are the lengthened frame and the hammer without peak strongly lying. But it also designed revolvers in simple action, provided as for them with a hammer equipped with a very imposing peak.

Michallon is an arms manufacturer and active Parisian inventor of 1840 to 1855.

Estimate of the punch: according to JJ Buigné, it is about the punch of St Etienne (final test) from April 1856 at April 1868.

A revolver identical to this one, but engraved and not signed, is represented on page 99 of the book “Guns and Revolvers of Pocket in XlX ième century” of Dimitri Singer.

I add that Eugene Lefaucheux manufactured the same type of revolver in 1860, but with a hammer definitely more vertical.


It is in calibre 9mm.

The door has a particular singularity; it opens by pushing it towards the left. It is provided with a small pin that clings inside is remainder blocked thanks to the fact that the “stem” made arises towards outside.

The stick of only one part contains a short rod.


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