The pistols “LE FRANÇAIS” were sold of 1913 to 1969.

This weapon existed in several slightly different models, of which this one which is in calibre 7,65mm and which was manufactured 1950 to 1969.

It is a semi automatic but the implementation is a little particular.

It’s the first pistol which functions only in double action. It is 15 cm long for 12 cm in height. The barrel of 8,3cm is fixed by an axis at before and is blocked back by a bolt. One actuates this bolt to release the barrel and one can then put a cartridge directly in the barrel. The barrel is folded back and the weapon is ready to shoot. How it functions in double action, it is enough to press the trigger!

The magazine can contain 6 or 8 cartridges (+ 1 in the chamber) and when it’s removed that also releases the barrel!


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