"Manufacture d'armes et de cycles de Saint-Etienne" founded in 1885 per Pierre Blachon and Etienne Mimard.

Automatic pistol “Le Français”

The two pistols below are models of pocket, the first is model 802 (MOD 1), the second is the same one but known as model 814 (MOD 4): Weapon bronzed, nickelled trigger guard, engraving of luxury, plates finely squared.

The missing trigger guard which is in fact the spring blade which causes the opening of the barrel.

The patent of this weapon goes back to 1913, the modification of the handle of 1924.

Its principal characteristic is to be one of the first to be only functioned in double action.

The barrel rocks forwards by operating the lever placed on the right side of the weapon or when the magazine is withdrawn.

It is necessary to unfold this gun to introduce manually there the first cartridge, being done rearmament then automatically.

The device under the magazine being useful, in fact, to contain the cartridge in question!



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