Riffle Schmidt Rubin

Model 1890

Calibre 7.5mm Swiss


Hello Sir, Fallen by chance on your site, I visited it with pleasure and addresses my congratulations to you. I however raised a small error in your collection: in the Switzerland weapons, you quote rifle "Schmidt Rubin MOD 1890". Exact name is "Schmidt Rubin MOD. 1889", year of the adoption of this model which was the first rifle of the Swiss army drawing from the cartridges with powder without smoke and round ball of the cal. 7.5.

A new model left with some modifications in 1896.

In 1911, year of the introduction of the news cartridge to pointed ball (GP 11), as well as rifles and snap hooks 1911 (IG 11 and K 11), the majority of these rifles 1896 were transformed and baptized IG 96/11.

Good continuation in your passion and better greetings.


Shooter and collector of French-speaking Switzerland

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