Some of the most beautiful work of this craftsman, and many others, are in this book “Liège Gunmakers through their Work. 1800 - 1950”.

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Collette Victor

Here is a pistol of shooting manufactured by Victor Collette on the basis of a patent deposited by one of his workers of genius, Jean Nicolas Herman. With the hammer armed, we can raise a block to introduce a self-propelled bullet.

One will find all the information concerning this weapon on the link : "Details"

There is certainly a small difference with the patent presented at the end of the notice, namely at the level of the hammer, but it is minimal.

On Victor Collette, one will also find other achievements of this arms manufacturer from Liège in the first volume of the series "Liège Gunmakers through their work 1800-1950" by Alain Daubresse.

GP with GG (†), HPH and PHL

Victor Collette

It is about a revolver pinfire and open frame of type LEFAUCHEUX. It manufactured out of crucible cast steel, practices current at the time which reduced the costs and the working times. The round barrel carries a front sight in half-moon. The cylinder with 6 rooms is smooth. The metal rod slides in a guide integrated into the console and is maintained by a small leaf spring. The loading is practiced by the right side door which is raised thanks to the action of an internal spring. The stick skeleton is covered with two wood plates smoothes (Walnut?) joined together by a transverse screw and two rivet washers with ears. It ends in a ring and its screw-pivot.


The weapon carries two lawful punches of the proofhouse of Liege, namely:

ELG on star in a vertical oval: final acceptance, of use of 1846 to 1893.

V spangled (so well considering?): countermark of the controller post 1877.

The weapon was thus manufactured between 1877 and 1893


The console carries the mark V. COLETTE BREVETE, it acts of Victor COLETTE manufacturer of weapons quay Saint Léonard, 60 in LIEGE which was registered with the proofhouse of Liège of 1836 to 1909. (See website)


Victor Collette

COLETTE Victor in Liege. Registered at the proofhouse of 1857 to 1861

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Victor Collette

Revolver with central percussion and box frame.

The barrel is with eight sides with front sight in half-moon.

The cylinder with 6 blows is grooved.

The loading is practiced by a side door, placed on the right side of the weapon. It drops thanks to the action of an internal spring.

The rod swivels on an axis and can be introduced into the rooms.

The two plates out of wooden, gutta-percha or hardened rubber squared and are joined together by a transverse screw and two brass rivet washers.


The weapon carries the punches of the proofhouse of Liege, namely:

ELG on star in an oval: final acceptance, of use of 1846 to 1893.

X crowned: countermark of the controller, of use of 1853 to 1877.

The manufacturer

The weapon carries the marking of the manufacturer, namely:

Spangled V.C: mark of the manufacturer COLETTE Victor in Liege. Registered at the proofhouse of 1857 to 1861 but its working life is much longer.

He is the author of 2 patents for an addition with the system of firearms and an envelope barrel suitable for the manufacture and the transformation of the portable weapons.

Mention DONAGHY-VAN EGMOND AMSTERDAM MOST probably belongs to the Dutch retailer!



Description of Lefaucheux revolver - V. Colette 9 mm pinfire.

Lefaucheux revolver known as ''third type'' or called by American collectors “Stonewall Jackson model” according to the famous Confederate General “ Thomas J. Stonewall Jackson”.

Weight: 730 grams

Overall length: 270 mm

Length of barrel: 144 mm

Calibre: 9 mm pinfire

Cylinder: 6 shots, diameter 38 mm, length 30 mm.

Simple and Double Action

Trigger guard without finger rest and round cap with ring.

Markings and stamps

On barrel:

V. COLETTE LIEGE on breech at right.

E. LEFAUCHEUX INVN PATENTS on the breech at left with a crowned V in lower part.

''10'' on the left on frame where barrel meets the frame.

Under the barrel CROWN/EL and letters Nm.

On the cylinder:

Engraving of leaves, flowers etc...on the circumference

Crow/EL, ELG in an oval and a crowned V

On the left side: number 37 and two letters GD (?) intertwined.

On the frame:

On breech NF

37 on the loading gate

Where the barrel meets the frame, on left: number ''9411''thus forming, when added to the number of the barrel, the serial number: 109411 on the grip frame the letters GD and PS on one side and 46 on the other one.

The whole edge of the breech completely protects the pins of the cartridges with a shield. The frame, the trigger guard, the cap and the grip frame are finely engraved with leaves, flowers etc...

The wood grips are finely checkered and where they meet the frame, there is an engraving of leaves. The grip screw and the grip washers are finely engraved.

On hammer, the spur is checkered and the head features a notch to align the front sight located at the muzzle when the shooting.

Guillaume Van Mastrigt


Fine Pipe-Cased Pinfire Double Action Pepperbox Pistol, Marked VC (Victor Colette).

Caliber 7mm pinfire, 6-shot fluted cylinder measuring 1 7/8-inches; folding trigger double action; blued cylinder with Belgian proof stamps.

Satin and velvet-lined leather pipe casing.

Victor Collette  (VC54 and 40)

Hereunder photographs of a pistol, loaded by gravity by Victor Colette, 10,5 mm, serial number VC 54. Normally, large types are more often encountered, but here is a small size pistol with reduced dimensions. Overall length 19,5 cm.

The other photograph shows a single shot pistol of the same system, caliber 10,5 mm. It looks exactly like a “large” Victor Colette pistol loaded by gravity  , except that here there is no magazine above the barrel, therefore the loading is done cartridge by cartridge.

Moreover it is marked with the lower part of the barrel: VC 40 but also “Hermann - Seret - Breveté”. (See photographs)

Questions concerning the last gun: - Is this a Colette or an Hermann and who is “Seret”? (Perhaps an Hermann patent bought and manufactured by Colette?)

On your site, under“Identified Craftsmen” there is an exactly identical pistol with the serial number VC 17 with the name of Victor Collette . Perhaps also an "Hermann breveté"?

Note: The name of Colette is sometimes written with two L or one L. Apparently it is the same person, therefore why not change the title to: Victor Colette (Collette)?

It is only a suggestion.


Your question with several drawers is not simple.

I will try to answer as well as possible .

a) COLETTE or COLLETTE: in my opinion both are good but the WHO’S WHO of the Liege Arms Manufacturers, which of course is not the bible, states

COLETTE Leon (BE 1881/1887)

COLETTE Léopold (BE 1862/1872)

COLETTE Victor (BE 1836/1909)

COLLETTE Victor (BE 1857/1861)

(BE=Banc d'Épreuves= registered with the liege Proof House)

Then bad or good spelling ? The question remains without answers. Our opinion is that the 2 VICTOR are only one person.

b) HERMANN: we found 14 in of them Liege in the 19th century but NO HERMAN-SERET which however seems to have existed considering the marking on the gun. However I have something on a SERET, in Liege, having recorded 2 Belgian patents for a needle rifle.

A SERET is listed in the STÖCKEL, but not from Liege.

c) The small Victor Collette needle gun loaded by gravity is by him (with the mark VC), An identical gun bearing the mark VC 1050 is preserved at the Arms Museum  in Liege. It is catalogued there as a Victor COLLETTE!

d) the Larger gun VC reminds me of a system similar to the FLOBERT, but I can't be more precise without handling the weapon. It is very possible that this weapon was improved by HERMAN-SERET and confirmed by a patent registration, but unfortunately I have no more information.



HERMAN SERET breveté - VC 40


Victor Collette  (VC)

Støckel: "in Liège, Fabricant, received 1852 patent for a 20-shot gravity repeating pistol"

Cal. ~.30 for a cartridge similar to the Volcanic. Unlike Volcanic and later Winchester, where the cartridge is pushed by a spring into the breech, this pistol is held upright using gravity to drop the cartridge into the breech. The magazine is on top of the barrel and the sliding breechblock rises to pick up the next cartridge. Like the early Volcanic, these pistols used self-contained cartridges with the primer and powder inside the bullet, which were produced by Loron and Gaupillat. Nicely floral engraved and channelled stocks with iron butt cap.

With the friendly authorisation of Horst Held



Same type of weapon.

No VC471, crown over MG proofmark on right side of barrel breech; 9 1/8-inch octagonal rifled barrel with swelled breech; magazine mounted on top of barrel and including integral sights; single action, scroll engraved frame and spur triggerguard, with matching steel buttcap; oval hunting dog panel scene on each side of frame; sliding hammer safety; checkered walnut grip.

Overall length 14 5/8-inches. .41 caliber.


Pretty tromblon of origin of Liège as the punch of test of Liege indicates it (used of 1846 to 1893).

The weapon is provided with a slightly squared English stick, of a turntable to the Frenchwoman with hammer in swan neck and greenhouse hones with bored ball of a hole for tightening using a stem - not of notch of screw!

The gun is has side starting from the thunder on approximately ¼ its length, it becomes then round then widened with the mouth (oval).

Against lock is reduced to two simple screws and the trigger guard is slightly decorated as lock it.

The rod at the head of nail is fixed under the barrel by means of two master keys rods.

The weapon carries the mark VC 76. It could probably be a question of a manufacture of Victor COLLETTE. 76 being perhaps the date of manufacture (1876?).


Many thanks to "ARSENAL.DE" for the photos.

Victor Collette

Photos Littlegun

Victor Collette

Photos Littlegun

Victor Collette

Many thanks to Tbert for the photos.

Victor Collette