Some of the most beautiful work of this craftsman, and many others, are in this book “Liège Gunmakers through their Work. 1800 - 1950”.

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The Hanquet Dynasty

COLT about 1850 was represented in Liege by a Belgian arms manufacturer, named DEVOS SERA who did not find anything better than to copy itself the weapons COLT. It’s replaced in 1853 by SAINTHILL and 1858 per Frederic VON OPPEN brother-in-law of S. COLT.

From 1851 to 1863, licenses of manufacture were delivered by COLT with a number of arms manufacturers’ of Liège. Many copies were also produced without license of course.

Jean-baptiste HANQUET (life 1800/1877) was number of course. I then to say if it negotiated with Colt or its representative.


Hanquet & Co : (Activities 1826-1837) This company is founded on September 07, 1826 and deposited in 1834 a patent on improvements brought to mobile breech rifle.


Hanquet J.B. (BE 1796/1872). In 1853 it deposits a Belgian patent for a system of pistol applicable to any firearms.


Hanquet Pierre, of Liege, (1865). Belgian patentee for improvements brought to the revolvers.


Hanquet J., of Liege, deposits in 1878 a Belgian patent on a new system of shotgun to two shots.


Hanquet Lambert, of Liege, deposits in 1878 a Belgian patent for a new system of shotgun to two shots.


Hanquet Ferdinand : (BE 1872/1920). It is taken again in 1920 by the Fabrique d’armes Unies de Liège (F.A.U.L.).


Hanquet Paul, arms manufacturer, Street Darchis, 25 in Liege (Life 1869/1938). Director of the firm Ferdinand Hanquet of 1899 to 1919.


Hanquet Emile, arms manufacturer in Liege Street Charles Morren, 22 and 24 about 1910, then Rue Rouveroy, 4 about 1924. It deposits of 1910 to 1913 four patents in particular for:

- A new system of closing for tilting weapons with automatic release of the barrel.

- A system of ejector for weapons.

- A new system of rifle being armed and rocking at the same time by a single movement.

At the same time it will deposit three trademarks: three crowns with one shield and letters MSN, a Centaur in a circle and finally the same centaur with in lower part the inscription “Le Centaure”.

The mark of the CENTAURE was deposited by Emile HANQUET the 30.05.1913. There is a small resemblance between the centaur and the pulled up foal of Colt but there are also notable differences. Moreover in 1913, it was not any more question of copying Colt with percussion and time not yet had not just manufactured Centaure counterparts!


Hanquet Fernand, Street Charles Morren, 24 in Liege, deposit during time 1910/12, two Belgian patents for improvements brought to the guns of artillery and a safety paralyzing locks it revolvers.


Hanquet Ferdinand, manufacturer of weapons in Liege (life 30.06.1842 - 05.07.1909) He was a president of the “mutuelle” of the arms manufacturers.

Ferdinand Hanquet (30 juin 1842 - 5 juillet 1909)

Père de Paul et Emmanuel Hanquet qui tous deux ont dirigé les Fabriques d'Armes Unies de Liège


Hanquet Emmanuel, manufacturer of weapons in Liege (life 02.01.1881/25.03.1944) son of Ferdinand Hanquet. It seconds his brother Paul. He was a president of the union of the manufacturers of weapons and administrator of the “Fabrique d’armes Unies de Liège” (1919).


Hanquet Albert: Manufacturer of weapons, director of the “Fabriques d’Armes Unies de Liège” (1944). Son of Emmanuel Hanquet, doctor in right, alderman of finances of the town of Liege (1955). Albert HANQUET was born in Liege the 15.06.1915 and there is deceased the 10.12.2003. He dealt of the administration and management day laborer.


FAUL ceased indeed the production of the Centaur in 1973, they were official distributers of the weapons COLT in Belgium at the very least and this since the years 1950 until the sale of the company in 1992.

Albert Hanquet born on 15 June 1915 and deceased on December 10, 2003


Hanquet Paul, (Junior) was born in Liege 25.11.1907 and deceased with Trooz the 22.11.1986. It left the FAUL where it dealt with manufacture into 1969/1970.

Paul (Junior) who succeeded his father and directed the factory (mainly the workshop) at the same time as the father of Nadine, Albert Hanquet.



Hanquet Nadine, was born the 21.04.1947. She worked with the FAUL of 1974 to 1992.

Albert Hanquet and his daughter Nadine Hanquet in front of the building of the street Trap door, 22 (photo catch in 1992) right before the sale of the company.

The building always exists, there was transformed into “kots” (rooms for students).


The FAUL ceased the production of weapons in 1976 and remained distributer/wholesaler until 1992. The company was sold in June 92.

Extracted “Who’s Who” arms manufacture of Liège, of exchange of e-mail with GG and Mrs Nadine Hanquet.