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Nagant 1877 Gendarmerie

Belgian gun NAGANT of Gendarmerie

This weapon with two juxtaposed barrels functions with a mechanism Rolling-block directly derived from the weapon developed by Samuel and Eliphabet REMINGTON.

Those at the time of a voyage in Belgium met the brothers Emile and Leon NAGANT.

These people agreed on a partnership between the two companies so that the NAGANT sub-contract a part of orders REMINGTON for Spain and Egypt.

NAGANT obtains also the right to exploit on its personal use patent REMINGTON not without having to pay royalties well on.

Continuing on its impetus, company NAGANT obtains a contract of the Belgian gendarmerie for the manufacture of 2.000 pistols type REMINGTON-NAGANT which will carry the official designation of "model 1877"

This weapon will be the first weapon with metal cartridge of the Belgian army.

It will be also copied, proof of its success, by various arms manufacturers of Liège such as William GRAH, Léopold ANCION-MARX and Jules PIRE of Antwerp.

This weapon will remain in service with the gendarmerie until the beginning of the XXe century.

Technical informations.

Length: 265 mm

Length barrel: 140 mm

Height: 185 mm

Calibre: 9 mm Belgian Black powder.

Weight: 1 kg 150.


Markings on this weapon are often very numerous, it acts in particular of:

EM and L NAGANT LIEGE: name of the manufacturers.


Spangled ELG in an oval: mark of the belgian proofhouse before 1893.

Lion upright on letter H in a rectangle: mark of the controller of the Belgian army.

Crowned K: mark of the military controller for a weapon coming from the civil one.

1422: serial number.

W: initials of the Belgian gendarmerie.

Value in collection.

This weapon built in few specimens (approximately 2.000) became relatively rare on the market of the collection; its price is thus consequently.


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